Home Remedies for Swollen Eyes

It is commonplace that people have to put through Swollen Eyelids or Swollen Eyes, which can be really annoying and irritating. This health issue usually strike when the lower or upper eyelid become enlarged. You might not know but swollen eyelids or Swollen Eyes usually strike when there is a buildup of fluid within the layers of your eyes.

The problem with this swollen eyelids is that they can trigger any people at any age of their lives. Worst of all, once it comes, it is inevitable that you constantly have to deal with puffiness, tenderness, and red swelling and the parts that swelling the most are the upper and lower eyelids.

In order to treat this health issues, there are a lot of ways ranging from the medication interference or home remedies you can choose; however, it mostly depends on the severity of your cases.

If the swollen eyes are in their first few weeks, it is the best that you could go for some home remedies at first and see how it goes.

Following are some tried and tested tips using natural ingredients you should give a try before consulting doctors.

Home Remedies for Swollen Eyes

Cold Compress

Cold Compress

Most people would say no to this trick if they cannot resist the coldness. However, it is one of the most common ways people reach for. As the swollen eyes strike, you will definitely the itching and swelling and once you apply the ice bag arround affected areas, it will somehow calm that irritating parts. Along with that, the coldness can also help you to flush out the allergens after a while.

You can apply this for several times a day or whenever you find it itching. However, do not leave it for too long on your eyes or you will find it freezing around the eyes areas.

Tea Bags

Tea Bags

Another trick you should try is to take advantage of the used tea bags. They are available and simple to try which might be guaranteed to give the best effect for the affected areas. You can either use green or black tea bags to soothe your  eyes as they are packed with high amount of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

If you want to get quicker result. it is the best that you chill the bags in the fridge for a while before applying over the affected areas. They will sure work miraculously.

This is also an amazing treatment for many common eye problems, including Black Eye

Egg Whites

Egg Whites

Another wonderful ingredient in your kitchen you can go for is eggwhites.  They have long been claimed for being good for your skin, however, they work for swollen eyes too. The reason for this is that it will somehow give you a helping hand to deal with under eye bags as well as to save yourself from wrinkles.

AS the name says it all, all you need  to do is to apply decent amount of eggwhites then apply directly over the affected areas. While doing so, it is the best that you could leave it chilled before applying and keep your eyes closed. the best estimated time to leave the substance is around 15 minutes. Remember to rinse off well with water or it might cause itching and irritating sensation.



It could be potatoes, cucumbers or any other types of fruits that are packed with high amount of anti inflammatory properties. They would give you a helping hand to reduce the under-eye bags. The best parts of using these fruits is that they leave to side effects as they are all natural.

How to apply:

Take out two fresh cucumbers or potatoes.

Peel them into slices and put them into the fridge.

Leave them for about 15 minutes for them to get cool.

Have your eyes closed and then directly apply them over the affected areas.

Leave it for a while before rinsing off with water.

There is no need to apply eyecream after that.

The best time to apply these slices is the time before you go to sleep.

Salt Water

Salt Water

Another super simple tip you could try is to wash the swollen eyes with salt water. It work the best to give you a helping hand to keep your eyes clean, which can therefore save your eyes from allergies and factors triggering the affected areas.

You shoud wash your eyes with warm salt water twice a day, every morning as you wake up or every  night before you go to bed.

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