Natural Body Butter

Natural body butter’s most important thing is that which can use season monsoon, summer and winter also. Natural body butter gives nutrition for skin any condition like raining or cold. It can male at home also and here how it is.


Vanilla Bin Body Butter – It’s better to moisturizer skin for long time. Vanilla’s odor helps to relax body and skin.


  • Take 1 cup coco butter and ½ cup coconut oil in bowl and melt it well.
  • When this mixture cool down then add 1 tea spoon almond oil, 1 tea spoon coconut oil and vanilla bin.
  • Keep on fridge for 3 or 4 hour.
  • After this sake it well as soon as till it’s not look like butter.
  • Store in glass jar and use any time when need it.


  • When make it at home so its 100% natural so get pure moisturizer for long time.
  • Body butter makes a layer which helps to stick moisturizer on skin. It’s best option for dry skin.
  • It contains Omega 3 which is good for skin. It works antioxidants so resolve itching problem also. Become skin soft and silky.
  • Body butter makes to be damage free ingredients, really helps to sensitive skin people.
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