Turmeric Tackled Malaria And Dengue

Turmeric Tackled Efficacious Malaria And Dengue

Disease of mosquito has been uncontrolled in country. Turmeric helps in the Dengue and Malaria. Get immune power from turmeric. Some institute from the India ( Nirma Institute )  , Student says turmeric is very effective in malaria and dengue. Turmeric has curcumin ingredients which is effective in malaria.

Turmeric is anti-malaria, anti-cancer and anti-diabetic. Student of Institute Nirma who is PHD in Malaria told that get survival element from turmeric. Available drugs do not response in malaria treatment that time which drugs is effective. This is the main part of in this research. Because of parasite DNA changed and ignores the drugs power. Before 10 years chloroquine dose used in malaria now it’s not work. Problem now what to do next.

Malaria Mosquito Needs Human Blood Put Eggs

Malaria Bacteria is in anopheles mosquito’s red gland. Malaria Mosquito Needs Human Blood Put Eggs. For human blood, mosquito bites in human body and drink like straw but blood is very thick so it enters gland for blood thin, Because of that people get malaria.

Do Not Take Turmeric With Water

Turmeric is not water soluble it is a fat soluble so turmeric do enter with water in body.

Take Turmeric Knead With Cow’s Ghee

Take 3 Gram Turmeric
Cow’s Ghee
5 Gram Sugar

Mix these all ingredient and boil in 10 min and cold it. Then take every day 1 spoon and prevent malaria.

Turmeric Proving It Efficacy

Make power with Curcumin’s small particles which eat harmful particles. It can resistance from malaria.

It Helps In Cancer

We eat turmeric from years so we needed to know about turmeric. Its curcumin elements are very effective to fight with cancer. Turmeric has 200 elements which are very helpful. These all elements need to research.

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